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25 November 2015

Jean-Paul Ornano, Managing Director of the Maghreb region.

What are GEFCO's assets in the Maghreb region ?

Our first strength is our international freight forwarding network. GEFCO owns more than 80 hubs on the 5 continents and offers tailor-made transportation solutions that can integrate all modes of transportation: road, sea, air and rail. For Maghrebin industrial companies seeking to go international, GEFCO is the ideal partner.

Also, the quality of our service: we also offer a service that is consistent with the international standards of the GEFCO Group. Local or international, each logistics solution that we deploy relies on solid and homogenous processes and practices established within the Group. Across all professions and expertise fields, everywhere in the world, the GEFCO teams work with the same base of values, the same qualitative norms, the same process and the same information systems.

We inherited this expertise from a 66-year-old history of our work in automotive logistics that allows us to be a leader in finished vehicles logistics and spare parts in Morocco as well as in Algeria.

Which sectors do you wish to develop as a priority in 2016 ?

GEFCO is already well implemented in Algeria. Along with our two warehouses in Oran and Djen Djen, we are exploiting a warehouse in Alger for our freight forwarding activities. The objective now is to increase the activity of GEFCO by developing industrial logistics in Morocco and Tunisia. The rise of the local economy and the fact that more than 1,200 French companies have settled in these two countries confirm the potential of development of the region.

These countries also represent the opportunity to extend GEFCO’s portfolio of customers. Beside textile, the traditional industry of the Maghreb that represent 7% of Morocco’s GDP, many sectors are expanding:

automotive, electronics, plastics manufacturing, aeronautic & aerospace, etc. GEFCO is looking to diversify its logistics activities across these sectors and contribute to their development by the company’s expertise.

What are upcoming projects on the continent ?

First, to expand geographically: the logistics and transportation sector constitutes one of the main pillars of production and promotion of trade in Africa and towards other continents. The growth of Africa’s GDP has reached 4.5% in 2015 and is expected to reach 5% in 2016. This economic growth goes along with a growth of trade, which requires the presence of actors specialized in logistics and management of complex supply-chains.

GEFC aims at becoming the first logistics partner of the industrial companies on the African continent.

Overseas activities are a major axis in the development of the GEFCO Group. Thanks to the acquisition of IJS Global in October 2015 we are reinforcing our expertise on freight forwarding, notably via air and sea. The African continent is an important area for the development of GEFCO.